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ERic Cavell • Online Portfolio

Responsive Web Design

The We Work for Health website helps track the economic impact of the biopharmaceutical industry. Careful planning and preparation went in to making the large amounts of data used in the site clear and easily accessible.

wwfh responsive site


wireframes for wwfh

This Political Action Committee (PAC) website allows employees the chance to learn more about the importance of policy in their industry. The site also allows users to sign up and gives them easy to use options for choosing their support level.


A site to educate employees of policy that affects their industry, keeping them informed and engaged.

Prototype Experiments

These prototype experiments are a great way to try new software like Principle and Adobe XD. The motion capabilities of the software allows you to see an idea in action before any code is written.

Design & Front end

I utilized HTML and CSS to build and design these websites.


When branding these various projects the ability to create something original can be a satisfying and fulfilling way to solve the problem.


These illustrations start with a simple idea and a sketch. This can be a great way to make a design, website or app standout and be unique.